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SimGas biogas systems are fully integrated farm solutions for rural households in developing countries. Manure from livestock goes in, biogas and organic slurry come out. Biogas is a clean fuel used for cooking. Slurry from biogas systems is a high-quality fertiliser used for growing crops and cow fodder. Our systems revolutionise the biogas industry and make biogas accessible for millions of households.

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SimGas solves the problems faced by households in developing countries with innovative products and a smart approach to doing business. We are a global business that builds its approach around local presence and in-house production. We are close to our customers so that we can understand their needs and offer our services. And by teaming up with renowned organisations we exchange expertise and experiences, and continue to grow our network to create impact.

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Research and design

SimGas invests heavily in research and design to create and increase value for customers. Biogas can be more than a clean cooking fuel. We research opportunities to apply biogas to power lights, cool milk churns, charge mobile phones, and improve sanitation. Through constant dialogue with our customers, our engineers and designers, we transform great ideas into tangible products. And not just SimGas products; we can help design yours as well!

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Biogas is a clean cooking fuel


Extra income from fertiliser


No money spent on fuel


More time for school or work


No need to cut trees


No carbon emitted

SimGas is the largest supplier of biogas systems in Africa. We have the ambition to become the number one supplier of sustainable and decentralised household utilities in Africa and Asia.

In six years’ time, our organisation has grown from an innovative venture into a global business headquartered in The Netherlands, with a joint venture and production facilities in Tanzania, and subsidiaries in Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda.

In 2015 we started a pilot in India, making our first steps into Asia. We have the ambition to become the number one supplier of sustainable and decentralised household utilities Africa and Asia.

  • SimGas B.V. (NL)
  • SimGas East Africa Ltd. (TZ)
  • SimGas Tanzania Ltd. (TZ)
  • SimGas Rwanda Ltd. (RW)
  • SimGas Kenya Ltd. (KE)
  • GesiShamba Production Ltd. (TZ)
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