SimGas invests heavily in research and design to create and increase value for customers. We think of biogas as much more than just a clean cooking fuel.

SimGas researches opportunities to apply biogas to cool milk and improve sanitation, as well as remotely and wirelessly monitoring and controlling every connected biogas digester. Through constant dialogue with our customers, our engineers, our business developers, and our partners, we transform great ideas into tangible products.

And not just SimGas products; we can help design yours as well. Find out what we’re working on and imagine what we could do in cooperation with you! Do you want to partner up with SimGas?

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Biogas Milk Chilling

A shocking fact: 30-50% of the milk production is going to waste, and only 15% of the milk reaches the formal sector [IFC]. The reason is that smallholder farmers cannot cool their milk and this causes evening milk to go bad. As 85% of rural East Africa does not have access to a (reliable) power grid, electric milk coolers are..

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If we can convert livestock manure to energy, why not convert human faeces to energy as well? And, if we can do it for households, why not for schools? More than 70,000 boarding schools in East Africa struggle to provide sufficient sanitation conditions for their teachers and pupils. Consequently, the..

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Remote Monitoring & Control

“How are our installed biogas systems performing?" Throughout Africa and Asia, biogas implementing organisations struggle to answer this question because they lack sufficient data on the performance of their systems. Without access to accurate performance data and without the means to analyse the data..

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“Working with SimGas has been very inspiring, from the way they do business to their people and new innovations sprouting in the company”

Laura Talsma, Founder The User’s Advocate