About SimGas

We are a Dutch, innovative, design and production company that focuses on clean, affordable and high quality energy and sanitation solutions. We offer millions of rural households in Africa and Asia the opportunity to improve their lives and income positions. Our teams in The Netherlands and East Africa work together to design and mass produce high quality, modular, domestic biogas and bio-sanitation systems. By doing so, we create healthy and safe environments for rural households while contributing to the reduction of indoor air pollution, deforestation, and carbon emissions.

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With a mass-manufacturing facility in Tanzania, we are the largest supplier of domestic biogas systems in Africa. SimGas has the ambition to become the number one supplier of sustainable and decentralised utilities in Africa and Asia. SimGas is a triple bottom line company that takes social and environmental impact just as seriously as economic impact; we prove that social entrepreneurship can be profitable.

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SimGas is a triple bottom line company that takes social and environmental impact just as seriously as economic impact; we prove that social entrepreneurship can be profitable.

SimGas B.V.

Two brothers with a shared passion for socially responsible entrepreneurship and sustainable development set up a business that would shake things up in the biogas industry. Sanne and Mirik Castro founded SimGas BV in 2009, with the idea to design and bring to market a highly scalable biogas digester that would provide clean energy and fertiliser for millions of people. The SimGas biogas system was launched: a groundbreaking product that is mass produced, fast in installation, and customised to best fit customer needs; three unique selling points that enable supply to meet the increasing demand for domestic biogas in Africa and Asia.

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Since 2009, the company is growing fast: a Joint Venture in Tanzania (est. 2011), three daughter companies in Tanzania (est. 2011), Kenya (est. 2013) and Rwanda (est. 2015), and a production facility in Tanzania (est. 2014). While its daughters handle local production and implementation, SimGas BV specialises in engineering, design, research, and business development. SimGas BV invests heavily in R&D to extend the possibilities of value creation to our customers. By working closely with customers, we identify customer needs beyond clean cooking: charging mobile phones, cooling milk, safe sanitation, to name a few. Together with partners we develop products that act on these needs and create even greater impact.

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Excited and want to co-develop a groundbreaking product with us? Here’s the deal:

You hire us for the co-development of a sustainable, groundbreaking product. Together with local partners, we design the product for you and with you. You get to utilise our engineering capacity, local know-how, knowledge of the decentralised utilities market in Afria and Asia, and experience with sustainable development and social responsible entrepreneurship.


We only have two conditions

1. The product should empower people by offering them graceful, reliable and sustainable tools that help to improve their lives and income positions.

2. You embrace our core values: Doing good, Trailblazing, Winning, Trust, and Fun.

Biogas Milk Chilling

A shocking fact: 30-50% of the milk production is going to waste, and only 15% of the milk reaches the formal sector [IFC]. The reason is that smallholder farmers cannot cool their milk and this causes evening milk to go bad. As 85% of rural East Africa does not have access to a (reliable) power grid, electric milk coolers are..

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If we can convert livestock manure to energy, why not convert human faeces to energy as well? And, if we can do it for households, why not for schools? More than 70,000 boarding schools in East Africa struggle to provide sufficient sanitation conditions for their teachers and pupils. Consequently, the..

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Remote Monitoring & Control

“How are our installed biogas systems performing?" Throughout Africa and Asia, biogas implementing organisations struggle to answer this question because they lack sufficient data on the performance of their systems. Without access to accurate performance data and without the means to analyse the data..

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“SimGas is creating a clean energy revolution where it matters most: for people at the base of the pyramid. We have no doubt that they will succeed in their ambitious mission and we’re extremely proud that they were part of the Climate-KIC Accelerator.”

Frans Nauta, Deputy Director Climate-KIC Entrepreneurship

“SimGas' engineering capacity, scalable business model and long-term service model create immediate impact that stays.”

Sanne Castro, CEO SimGas