SimGas solves problems faced by rural households in developing countries with innovative and scalable products and a smart approach to doing business. Here are five ways that show how.

1. We invest in research and design

SimGas invests heavily in research and design to extend the possibilities of value creation to our customers. This is how we do it: To fully understand the needs of our customers and how we can best create value, our design engineers operate in customer context: with one foot in The Netherlands, and the other in East Africa or Asia. We stick to the slogan: ‘easier to use than not to use’; SimGas products simply make life easier. Next to ease of use, our products are designed to be low cost, high quality; we make our products affordable and durable. Last, our products are highly scalable: we standardise and mass-produce our products to scale our business and create greater impact.

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2. We partner up for impact

In order to make our products accessible for the millions, we team up with partners to exchange expertise and experiences, and we continue to grow our network. Our partners range from NGOs such as SNV, Hivos and WASTE, to research institutes like TNO and world class universities such as TU Delft, as well as local governments and businesses. We also collaborate with national biogas programs, with large dairy cooperatives, and with microfinance institutions and credit unions. Together we implement sustainable and profitable business cases in our target countries. In every project, we ask ourselves who can best help us reach our goal and how we can help them to reach theirs.

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3. We are locally present

We are a local player and a global business. We have to be close to our customers to best serve and understand them. That’s why we have local in-house production, apply a local hub-model with SimGas certified franchisees, and collaborate with acknowledged local organisations. Local partners have the best knowledge and expertise to make our products fit in the local context. We leverage our global network to reach scale.

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4. We provide service

Good customer service ensures happy customers. Therefore service is an inseparable part of the SimGas product offering. Our trained technicians do not only deliver and install the system, but also teach and train customers to use their biogas systems in the best way possible so as to optimise biogas production. We won’t let waste go to waste.

5. We apply scalable business models

SimGas operates in a huge, yet diversified market, in which demand for affordable energy solutions greatly exceeds supply. Our current product portfolio can meet the needs of 100 million households in Africa and India alone. In order to reach impact and make profit, SimGas applies tailor-made, scalable business models in all regions we operate in. This means setting up local subsidiaries, local production facilities and local networks of SimGas-certified franchisees. Not only does this ensure a steady pace of dissemination, it also ensures contextual fit. This is how we change the game.