SimGas designs, produces and installs biogas systems for households in Africa and Asia. Our systems produce clean energy and organic fertiliser: two valuable assets to increase income whilst saving life, nature, money and time.

SimGas biogas systems are fully integrated farm solutions designed to reach millions of rural households in developing countries. Our systems enable rural households with livestock to use the manure from their livestock to generate clean fuel for cooking and organic fertiliser.

Why do we design, produce and deliver biogas systems? Because we want to enable our customers to become more productive, independent, cost-efficient, and healthy farmers. And because we want to make biogas accessible not just for the lucky few, but for the worthy many. That’s precisely what our biogas systems do.

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1. Manure from livestock

Each day a farmer feeds the digester with manure from livestock and water.

2. Anaerobic digestion

Inside the digester, micro- organisms work symbiotically to convert the manure into biogas and slurry through the process of anaerobic digestion.

3. Piping

Biogas flows through piping from the digester to the farmer’s house, where the pipe is connected to a cookstove and other biogas auxiliaries.

4. Milk chiller

Biogas can be used to power off-grid milk chillers to keep milk fresh.

5. Cook stove

Biogas stoves allow farmers to cook their meals using a clean fuel.

6. Biogas lamp

Biogas can fuel gas lamps used for both task and ambient lighting.

7. Organic fertilizer

Slurry that has been fully digested exits the system onto to the farmer’s land where it is used as an organic fertilizer.

Integrated farm solution

The biogas replaces wood and charcoal as cooking fuels, and replaces kerosene lighting with biogas lighting. It can even be used to cool a milk churn or to charge a mobile phone. Using biogas thereby lowers household energy expenditures and makes households independent of unreliable or non-existent power grids. Alleviating dependence on wood fuel or charcoal not only takes away the health hazards of indoor air pollution, it also saves time: about two to four hours a day.

Slurry that has been fully digested exits the system through a pipe, onto to the farmer’s land where it is used as an organic fertiliser to grow crops and cow fodder. The improved crop yield is consumed by the household or sold at the local market, increasing income. The improved cow fodder is fed to the cows, which in turn will produce more milk and manure. The cycle repeats itself, every day.

Modular design

The SimGas biogas system is designed to fulfill different customers’ needs. The system consists of a handful of simple and robust components that can be mixed and matched to create digesters of varying size. Our customers chose SimGas biogas systems for the reasons as listed below. All this comes down to a high value, low cost product that has an average payback period of two years.


Adaptable size

The SimGas biogas system is adaptable and scalable to the customer’s needs. We provide systems that are perfectly sized for farmers with as few as two cows or as many as thirty. Through mass- customization, we meet the needs of any household with livestock.


Durable material

The parts are mass produced in durable, recycled plastic, are lightweight and stackable. This reduces material costs and environmental impact, while greatly expediting the transport and installation process.


1-day installation

The pre-fabricated, modular kit can be installed in a day. Installation man-hours are one fifth of construction times of conventional biogas systems; our dissemination speed is simply much higher compared to traditional digesters.


It eats all

The system is designed to be an all-eater, which means it can also be used for co-digestion of biodegradable materials, further improving the gas yield. All this comes down to a high value, low cost product that has an average payback period of two years.


Modular Sytem

The modular system is scalable from 2m3 to 25m3 (in 1m3 increments).



The inlet is robust and easy to use; it helps to keep the biogas system clean.


Toilet connection

We provide a sanitation option, which provides higher biogas production and a cleaner household environment.



The system features equal ratios between digester, gas holder, and the expansion chamber.



The cover of the expansion chamber improves hygiene and safety, and makes the biogas system weatherproof.


Bio-slurry outlet

The outlet directs slurry (organic fertiliser) to crops and livestock fodder. The slurry improves soil quality.


Expansion chamber

The expansion chamber is positioned on top of the digester to save space and provide counter-pressure.


Gas seals

The durable, patented gastight seal is designed to prevent biogas leakage.



The digester is easy to install and re-install using corrosion resistant fasteners.

“Their innovative design and market approach has made SimGas a game changer in the African domestic biogas sector. It’s the unique qualities of their product and the inspiring nature of the SimGas team that made it a privilege to assist them over the past five years.”

Felix ter Heegde, Regional Senior Biogas Advisor East and Southern Africa, SNV