Problem 1: Lack of performance data

“How are our installed biogas systems performing?” Throughout Africa and Asia, biogas implementing organisations struggle to answer this question because they lack sufficient data on the performance of their systems. Without access to accurate performance data and without the means to analyse the data, operational control, effective customer service and access to the international carbon market is very limited.

Problem 2: Upfront payment is hurdle

Usually a biogas system sale implies a down payment from the customer, whereupon the product is delivered and installed, followed by monthly payments by the customer until the product is paid off. For our target customers (smallholder farmers with 2-10 cows living in rural East Africa) this down payment has shown to be a significant hurdle to sign up for a biogas system. At the same time, we see that lease-to-own customer finance in solar companies is taking off rapidly in East Africa. So, why not make lease-to-own finance work for biogas systems as well?


The solution

Live data is a vital asset to reach operational excellence, to optimise product offering and customer service, and to offer attractive customer finance. Having accurate performance data also ensures that monitoring requirements of carbon rights buyers can be met, which increases access to the international carbon market. Together with a team of experts in the field of the internet of things and data analytics, SimGas is developing a remote monitoring system that collects performance data and payment data (through Mobile Money) locally, whereupon it transfers the data automatically to a central database. A live dashboard shows the performance and payment status of all biogas systems that are connected to the central database. With this system, a customer can enjoy the benefits of the biogas system immediately!


Five reasons why remote monitoring systems can revolutionise the biogas industry

1. It will enable biogas implementing organizations to guarantee that their biogas installations are functional

2. It can achieve a near 100% data security for carbon monitoring on a daily basis

3. It will enable technicians to proactively address field failures by tracking the status of remote installations

4. It will enable biogas companies or their microfinance providers to remotely manage payment defaults

5. It will enable data driven Research & Development for innovative biogas solutions

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We aim to implement Remote Monitoring and Control Systems in Tanzania and Kenya in 2017

Following the design phases in 2016 and the first test series of remote monitoring and control systems in 2017, we plan to do a pilot with 500 devices in 2018. These systems will be implemented at existing and new biogas users in East Africa.

We believe that this sensor technology will make a huge difference the biogas sector, as it can solve the two main hurdles for mass dissemination of biogas systems: customer trust and affordability. Want to know more about this project? Contact Thomas.

“With the remote monitoring system we can measure and analyse our impact to create even more impact, while making renewable energy solutions affordable for emerging markets.

No other company in the biogas industry is doing this right now.”

Sanne Castro, CEO SimGas BV


These partners work with us on this project:


SteamaCo improves all parts of the data supply chain, from the endpoint, through our cloud, into your management systems. They’re able to automate data acquisition from any device (their own or others’) and deliver data and alerts efficiently to where you need them via an API.

Visit Steama.Co website


Otheruse is a small company with an ambition to bring the Internet of Things to everyone and everyday life. They believe in Open Hardware as a design philosophy and the inspiration and creativity this brings by engaging others.

Visit Otheruse website

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