A game changing biogas digester with two international patents. Three subsidiaries in Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda. A local production line. A highly qualified team of more than 100 people. All in just eight years’ time. What’s next?


Best biogas technology


Successful crowdfunding & dairy partnerships

  • Raised over EUR 900,000 through Lendahand, thereby providing biogas loans to > 1,400 farmers in Kenya
  • Partnered with > 60 Kenyan dairy cooperatives to enable farmers to pay off their loans through a milk check-off system
  • EU grantee for the development of a new biogas digester for lower income groups
  • Kenya Climate Innovation Centre grantee for the development of remote monitoring technology

Carbon Credits sale


Expansion to Rwanda


Development of three biogas appliances: cooling, cooking, charging

  • Founded SimGas Kenya Ltd., sales start in Kenya
  • Pilot for a low-voltage biogas to electricity device in Tanzania and Bangladesh
  • Start product development of Biogas Milk Chiller, Biogas Stove and Biogas Socket
  • Siemens Empowering People Award Finalist

Start local production and sales in Tanzania


Two angels and two international patents

  • Two angel investors joined
  • Two international patents on biogas products
  • Finalist Rabobank Herman Wijffels Innovation Award
  • Joint venture agreement with Sumaria Group in East Africa

Two biogas digester designs

  • Two biogas digester designs developed with engineering agency Van Berlo, and with the help of SNV, TNO, TU Delft and BORDA

Founded SimGas B.V.

  • Finalist Postcode Lottery Green Challenge
  • Seed-funded by founders, friends and DOEN foundation
  • SimGas B.V. founded by Sanne Castro and Mirik Castro

This is only the beginning. We are far from done doing our jobs and have set some ambitious goals to achieve in the years to come.

SimGas aims to be a game changer. SimGas is already the largest supplier of biogas systems in Africa. We have the ambition to lead the market for decentralised utilities in Africa and Asia by 2030. In order to accomplish this goal, we plan to test and introduce new SimGas products in our home-markets Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda. In close collaboration with the Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP) and SNV we will ramp up sales in neighbouring countries Zambia, Ethiopia, and Uganda.